Reflections in a Pool of Hope

Today was a day filled with reflections.  Wonderment of the mere presence of life.

If you remain open to the possibility of a brighter tomorrow, the doors will fling open and hope will come pouring in.  Sometimes the human side of us resists, fearing what else we may be throttled with when the world comes tumbling in.  Today I challenged myself and dared to believe there is hope. 

There were no photographs in my class today.  Just reflections about Bella and Virginia.  Reflections on lives well lived, lives that touched thousands, and a beautiful picture of hope painted with laughter and tears.  The only teachers in the classroom today were my dear friends and I must say they did a remarkable job.  Each one of my students was captivated in a special way.  It made me smile to know their legacy lives within each one of us.

Godspeed my dear friends.   I love you to the moon.

“Tell me who you love, and I’ll tell you who you are.”
Creole Proverb


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