I love this quote: 

“We are wide-eyed in contemplating the possibility that life may exist elsewhere in the universe, but we wear blinders when contemplating the possibilities of life on earth.”
~Norman Cousins

Wow.  Life on earth.  So much to complain about.  So much to disagree with.  So much to get enraged at.

I’ve started to take a different path.  I want to see the possibility rather than illuminate the impossibility.  We spend so much time shining a light on all that is wrong that we miss the little things that are within our grasp.

I am thankful for so many small things.  I’m glad that I have known the smell of honeysuckle.  I may never smell it again, but that fragrance will linger a lifetime.  I have tasted chinkapins.  I hear they may make a comeback.  For that I am forever grateful.  I have swung on grape vines.  I have listened to tall tales and legends that set a curious young mind on fire.  I have caught lightening bugs.   I have seen the northern lights.  I have stood atop of Jungfrau.  I watched my grandfather fix a lock with graphite he squeezed from an old plastic bottle.  Oh, I have been amazed.

I have laid on my back and watched the stars.   I miss my stars.  I know they are out there, but so well hidden in the light pollution where I live.  I wish my students could see the stars like I have seen them.   They cannot imagine what lies out there beyond their line of sight.

I have dreamed a million dreams.  Some came true, others I let go of.   Who knows, maybe they were really someone else’s dreams all along.

I have been afraid and I have overcome fear.  I have believed when I wasn’t sure there was much reason to believe in anything.  I have prayed and I know God was listening.

Today I sat with little thoughts.  They surrounded me like good friends.  I found comfort there.

I hope you do, too.


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