Touch Drawing

Last weekend I was blessed to attend a Touch Drawing workshop with Deborah Koff-Chapin.

I started the day a bit agitated.  We arrived later than anticipated, all the good seats were taken, and on and on and on…..just the little things in life that always want to drag you down.  I watched the demonstration that Deborah did and I was skeptical given my state of agitation that anything would come of my drawings.  Imagine my dismay when my first drawing did not even show up on the paper!

As time progressed and I allowed my breathing to slow and my heartbeat to beat more rhythmically, I was amazed at the process.  I was amazed at how my mind, my heart and my soul seemed to respond.  I went through a number of emotions on this day.  I peeled off drawing after drawing, placing them in a pile on the floor.  One caught me eye and I found it somewhat disturbing.  I had a hard time shaking the image from my mind.

I realized at point this drawing would be so valuable to the at-risk students that I teach.  The value of letting go with no judgement is so powerful.  It was then I knew I needed to take the steps to learn to facilitate this process.  I thank Deborah from the bottom of my heart for showing me a way to see things differently.  For showing me the value of mediation.  I will be forever grateful.

By the afternoon, I knew I was letting go of pent-up anger and frustration.  Still, many of the drawings meant little to me on that day.  It wasn’t until I came home and looked at them in a different environment, with different feelings, that I could see they told a story.

Here I share my afternoon sessions.  I have not photographed my morning sessions yet, but that will come.  I know Touch Drawing is now a part of my life.  A very, very good part of my life.

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Touch Drawing


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