Time Doesn’t Stand Still, We Do

So long since I have wrtten here, but I cannot feel bad about that for I have definitely not been standing still.  I have been moving doing so many things that I love.  This past weekend has been remarkable.  I was able to spend many hours of my week in and amongst some of the most amazing people in this regional art world.  The Polasek Museum (www.polasek.org) hosted a Paint Out.  Artists spent the week painting throughout our community.  The event is so well organized for the artists and the patrons to mingle and really get to know each other.  We had so much fun watching the art being created, talking to the artists about their vision and yes, even buying a few fabulous pieces that really light up our home.  I’m a little sad the event is over.  If you are local, please stop by the museum because the paintings are available for purchase for another two weeks.  You will not be disappointed.

In addition to such a wonderful event, we are trying to get a bathroom finished and every step along the way there has been a slight glitch.  Nothing we haven’t been able to overcome, but it is sure slowing down the process.  We wanted the bathroom to be extra special for our visitors, but so far, that has not been the case.  We have a while yet before our second set of children arrive, so we are hopeful…..

I have also been working on actually painting one of my touch drawings.  I am inspired by my good friend Lori, for it calls to me with her voice.  I will post it at some time and hopefully it will do her spirit justice.  (She doesn’t know this – SURPRISE MERMIE!)

Now off to enjoy the rest of a spectacular weekend. 

Whatever you do, MOVE.  Don’t stand still because life will surely pass you by.


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