Either You’re On the Train or You’re Off the Train

We have been going through so many changes at work.  It has been a difficult six months.  Last week, one of the leadership team screamed at us “Either You’re On the Train or You’re Off the Train”.

I’ve thought a lot about that since.  In these difficult economic times, we feel trapped.  Everyone needs their job.  Everyone is afraid of losing health insurance and car insurance and their homes….So much.   Yesterday as I walked through Barnes and Noble I passed a book that I just caught out of the corner of my eye.  I didn’t stop so I do not know the exact title but it was something like “Living the Simple Life”.  I talk a lot about the times when I grew up.  The fond memories I had, the sense of community.  I realize now that I was a child and most likely was sheltered from the difficulty of just ‘living’.  I also know that living a “simple” life may mean a great deal of physical work.  We grew a garden, we canned fruit, preserves, vegetables – the whole deal.  I say ‘we’ but it was really our parents and grandparents.  We did get involved in the picking, peeling, stringing and snapping, but somehow it did not seem like work to me.

I have pondered a lot about how this jumble of childhood memories and current day crisis impacts my little life.  I know there is beauty in every day.  I know we spend too much time worrying about the job that is simply supposed to sustain us.  I know with cell phones and laptops, many of us are working 24 x 7.  If we give so much of ourselves away that we cannot have time to breathe and enjoy the simple pleasures, why do we do it?  Fear?  Recognition?  I’m honestly not really sure.

For me, I’m thinking about how we should all be choosing where we are going.  We should be able to go to the train station, look at the departure schedule and decide how much we are willing to invest for the destination we are seeking.  We should also be choosing the companions that we travel with.

I’m breathing, contemplating and imagining what might be happening on another train.  Wondering if more people laugh.  Wondering if people are nicer to each other.  Yes, it may indeed be time to step off this train and believe that some better destination awaits me.


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