Rosie’s Rose

I have an old rose bush that has not bloomed in three seasons.  I keep threatening to cut it completely back.

Yesterday, it bloomed.  I choose to believe this is Rosie’s Rose.

Do not argue with me.  Just enjoy as I have.


One thought on “Rosie’s Rose

  1. I fully believe that is true.

    My grandmother died years ago, and I remember taking a quiet morning stroll outside just before leaving for the airport for her service. I was heartsick over losing her, and it was a hard time. As I walked through the front yard, I noticed that the daylilies had just bloomed. I’d never seen them bloom before, and thought they hadn’t made it through the winter. The yellow buds were lovely and renewing for me. I remember that moment like yesterday, and to this day, every time I see a lily bloom in the spring I think of rebirth, of Nana, and of the circle of life.

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