Hello, God. It’s me, Margaret.

I come to you a tired and weary child.

As we come to terms with the end of Rosie’s life, today we are handed another challenge.  I know you will not give us more than we can bear, but sometimes Lord we just need a helping hand.

My sister, BJ, is a four-year survivor of kidney cancer.  She bravely underwent surgery 4 years ago and had her kidney and her adrenal gland removed.  Today, the doctor told her that her other adrenal gland is enlarged.  The doctor is scheduling her for a CT scan and a biopsy.  Barb has been so strong for Rosie.  She made countless trips to help her as she underwent treatment.  She wanted to just rest for a while.  She wanted time to grieve for our sister.  Now, we  know she will not rest until she knows the truth.  It is so hard because I know she is so scared and she’s angry.  Our family has been through so much already.

So, to you God, please raise BJ up.  Giver her strength.  Give her the faith and the hope to believe in a positive outcome.  Our family is strong and our faith is strong.  We will be there with hearts full of prayer and ALL THE HOPE IN THE WORLD.

To all my friends who have held us up over these last months, please, take our other hand.  We need your prayers and your support once again.  We do not choose to go to battle again and we ask that you remember us all in your prayers.  We will do what we need to do.

Sometimes being strong is the most difficult thing we are asked to do.  But when you have a sister like, BJ, being strong and having faith is easy.

Barb, hang in there.  I love you to the moon and back again.  We will get through this, I promise.

“..If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” [Mt:17:20]


6 thoughts on “Hello, God. It’s me, Margaret.

  1. This feels like a real Job moment. It just doesn’t seem fair that we get out from one cloud to see another on the horizon. My grandmother always said that trouble comes in threes. I think you have had your three.

    I wish I had profound advice, but I don’t. I wish I could make this go away for you, but I can’t. All I can do is stand with you as you have to face this adversity. I am here. I will do whatever I can to support you. All my love, my dear friend.

  2. Maggie, I just went to your blog through the Touch Drawing community.
    It said “a short blog about my touch drawing experience”. Little did I know I was going to meet you in such a deep sorrow.
    My prayers and Love are with you and your sister. Your faith is deeply moving. I feel your strength. I believe there is no coincidence. It is the first time I go on someone’s blog through the touch drawing website!
    Blessing on your journey, Love and light.

    • Regine, Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. Yes, my life is in the midst of change, but I cannot lose faith. I love touch drawing and hope to spend some time drawing next week. It is truly a way to stay connected with what we feel inside. I hope you will find your way here often.

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