It’s Been So Long

So long since I put my thoughts down, I almost feel like I have forgotten how.  So much happening it almost makes my head spin.

BJ had surgery – twice in one week.  It was hard to be away from her while she went through this again.  I was so glad to go and spend a week with her after she came home.  We just hung out and talked and laughed and even cried a little – okay, I cried a little, but anyone who knows me knows that is perfectly normal.  We had so much fun.  It was good to be in the mountains, but especially good to be there with my sister.   We are all thinking positively and have put our faith in God and believe He will have a hand in her healing and in guiding her doctors.

I got to spend a couple of precious days with my grandson and they were far too short!  He didn’t quite understand why my sister got so much of my time and why he got so little.  Such a kid.  I love him so much.  Now I need to put my sights on Charleston and Nashville to visit three precious little girls that I miss so very much.

Now I’m home, back at school and trying to keep pace with all that is going on in our lives.  It just seems like the time flies by.

Writing here is harder than I imagined.  Shame on me for taking such a long break.  Maybe I can get back in the swing of things before long.

For now – I am content to know my sister is home and recovering and I am looking forward to her visit – maybe she will even dare to come during hurricane season if I tempt her with gourmet cheese and a nice warm pool…..

Whatcha say, BJ?



2 thoughts on “It’s Been So Long

  1. welcome back to your very special writing space online, maggie!

    ~ i missed the dollop of insight & enrichment you lend to my life ~

    ox ❤

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