What better than to infuse joy?

I came here today to write and forced myself not to read my last entry.   I did not want it to influence what I felt I wanted to say today.

It is my anniversary today.  15 years with a remarkable man who has seen me through so much.  We started this together with the promise that we would be in it to the end.

David and Maggie

So, 15 years later, I realize I am blessed to have found him and I understand how important it is to have your best friend about you in times of joy or in times of sorrow.  We have an amazing family that has grown and grown over our time together.  We have lost family and friends that we loved to our core – it shakes you.  But having that look across the room, or the hand to hold tightly to makes you realize someone understands it all without having to say a word.

For my friends that read this blog, I am so thankful that you come back and check on me.  I see people have visited me even in times when there were no words to share.  Sometimes I come here, too, just to read and remember.  I don’t ever want to forget that I’m human and I don’t want to forget the challenges and joys and yes, even sorrows, that have made me who I am.

I have been busy writing a business plan.  One of the things you have to learn to do is sum up who you are, what you do and where you want to go all in a few short words.  In business, it’s all very defined and very focused.  But what about me as an individual living on a very, very busy planet?  What am I about?

Infuse JOY.

Celebrate every moment and live every moment.  Feel whatever the moment brings to you for this keeps you real.  Sad moments can have joy, just as the happy moments.  Dare to believe in who you are and what you can accomplish.  Celebrate who you are to others.  Maybe it’s a good and trusted friend.  Maybe it’s the sister that keeps you grounded.  Maybe it’s the Mom who will always have your back.  Life tends to discount those things sometimes, but I don’t ever want to lose sight of them.  For me, they are the most important of the roles we will ever have the JOY of experiencing.

I hope today you will infuse JOY in your own life.  Let it be sparkly and loud, or let it be quiet and serene.  It’s everywhere.

Just today I saw it fly across the sky and land in my own back yard.  It’s always there if you just open your heart to find it.


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