My Sister’s Birthday

IMAG1677-1It started ten or fifteen days ago. I walked through the grocery store, looked up and saw the card display. Rosie’s birthday was approaching.

I’m not sure I will ever fully come to terms with losing her. I still reach for the phone to call her before it hits me that she is gone.

I struggle to remember every little thing about our life together but try as I might, I cannot remember everything. Of course, none of us remember everything. We don’t realize it until it’s too late – too late to capture the memories in some tactile way. I have a message from her on my answering machine. Every time I play it, I cry. I have a few cards and letters, but not near all the letters and cards she ever sent me. As I sit here today, I wish I had kept them all. This electronic world we live in is great, but nothing can replace the handwriting or the slow tenor of a voice you hear when you read a letter from someone you love.

IMAG1699-1After Rosie passed away, I wrote a simple blog entry entitled Rosie’s Rose. The blog was about a rose that suddenly bloomed after years of lying dormant. Today when I glanced out the back door, I saw a flash of red. There, as bright as it could be, was a rose. Rosie’s rose. I walked outside with my phone and snapped a picture. There are two roses blooming and seven buds. Never has there ever been more than one rose on this bush at one time. I guess some might say it a coincidence that this rose appeared today. Perhaps. But I believe in a spirit that lives beyond the confines of this world and I think this rose appears when I need to know my sister is with me.

Rosie, tomorrow, is your birthday. It feels strange not to pick out the perfect card to send you. Tomorrow I will feel a certain sadness when I cannot pick up the phone and call you. Even so, I am blessed to have you as my sister and I know you remain with me still.

Happy Birthday, Sissy.  I love you to the moon and back again.


5 thoughts on “My Sister’s Birthday

  1. Such touching and moving words. Your post has left me in tears and I can’t imagine your feelings. I’m grateful for you, having the rose bloom, the special sign from your sister.
    I’m going to hug mine extra tight tomorrow and be wishing you the best all day.
    Thank you for sharing this extremely personal touching piece of your life.

    • These words mean so much coming from someone who understands the special bond of sisters. I am thankful for all the years I had, but I wish I had one moment to hug her one more time. I will smile tonight knowing you still have the ability to hold your sister close. Bless you both.

      • Thank you, it is kind of you to be happy for us. In my opinion someday you will be together again, not that saying so makes this moment any better. Again all my thoughts are with you today and of course tomorrow.

  2. I couldn’t bring myself to read this until tonight..I cried on the way home tonight to Love Goes where My Rose Mary Goes. I love you and know how much each of these times of family memories hurt. To the moon and back, SISSY

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