Feeling Helpless and Letting Go

I have to tell you for the most part I feel pretty upbeat and positive.  Right now I’m struggling with what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico.  I am experiencing emotions I rarely feel anymore.  Feelings of anger, helplessness, futility, and huge grief.  I’m overwhelmingly sad when I see people that believe that somehow, magically, this will all go away.  Well, folks, it will not just go away.  It is going to take each and everyone of us to save this earth for our children and our grandchildren.

All these feelings made me examine how I’m living my life.  Petroleum products.  Plastics.  I’ve really cut down on them, but I must be honest, I still buy botttled water.  That needs to stop.  I have a filter on my faucet, so there is no need to buy plastic bottles of water.  I was just inspired by my beautiful daughters to buy a fruit infuser pitcher.  That will discourage me from buying more plastic. 

For those of you that do not know, there is an ‘island’ the size of Texas in the Pacific ocean.  This “island” was created by all the currents that swirl together from all over the world.  We have deposited ‘junk’ in our oceans and it is creating an island.  It is not biodegradable.  Some of it is breaking into microscopic pieces that are then consumed by marine life and enter the food chain.  It’s not all plastic, but a lot of it is.  And guess what, it’s all toxic.

Then there are the ever-increasing numbers of ‘dead zones’ in our oceans.  These are areas where there is not enough oxygen in the water to sustain life.  This is a major threat to our ecosystems.  Some fear that is where the Gulf of Mexico is heading.

It’s all very frightening.  I know this.  I know many people do not like me writing about this so much.  How can we not?  I have children and grandchildren.  I want them to have ‘at least’ the life and beauty of the earth that I experienced.  If it takes scaring people to get them to take action and change their lives, then so be it.  AND CHANGE WE MUST.

I hear my good friend Tracy’s voice saying ‘Everything is as it should be, Maggie’.  These words have seen me through some very difficult times.  Right now I am struggling with the truth of those words in this situation. 

Knowledge is power.  Accept the power and change this world.  We are all we have left.