The Beatles Said It Best

Facebook was filled with messages saying goodbye to 2018 when all I could think about was how much I look forward to 2019. 2018 was rich with joy, blessings and filled with some great sadness. These are all things that make up life.

So, while so many friends were saying goodbye, I was saying hello.



The Promise of Tomorrow

“The future has several names.  For the weak, it is the impossible.  For the faint-hearted, it is the unknown.  For the thoughtful and valiant, it is the ideal.”
Victor Hugo

My mom used to say, “Don’t wish your life away”.  At a young age, I think I interpreted that as ‘don’t look forward’. 

Then my dad came along and said, “You cannot plow a straight row if you are always looking back over your shoulder”.  This I interpreted ‘don’t look back’.

As an adult, however, I understand how delicately both pearls of wisdom are intertwined.  One cannot be without the other.  I am content to look at my past, accept the lessons, fondly recall the joy and even sometimes weep over the sadness.  It is not a place for me to dwell, even if sometimes it feels SO comfortable. 

The intricate weaving of life fools you into thinking you have all the time in the world.  Then one day, you lose someone you love that is way too young.  And then you look in the mirror and see an older, wiser face looking back at you.  It’s then you realize that none of us have the promise of any certain amount of time.  That makes the living all the sweeter and the rewards all the more worthwhile.

So where should we look?  My advice?  Try looking UP.  People don’t look up enough.  We are so busy looking at our iPhones, our text messages, our laptops, our books, our TV, our WHATEVER.  Today I looked up and saw what I thought must be heaven.  White billowly clouds skimming across a flawless blue sky.  I saw a cardinal sitting on the very top of an oak tree.  I saw the tangerines that are safely out of my reach hidden among their leafy green fortress.   Then suddenly, a streak across the sky.  My friend, the red-tailed hawk.  He’s trying to tell me something, that one.

It’s magic.  The passing of one day into another.  Honor them all and enjoy the ride.  You shall not pass this way again.