A Leaf

IMG_7218A fragile, dying but beautiful leaf symbolizes so much for me. What reverence it has in its decline. Somehow this leaf defies what is happening and boasts a last splash of defiant color reminding us there is beauty in every moment. I am trying to hold onto the beauty of life. It is hard sometimes when sadness surrounds us.

This weekend was so sad. Lives taken because of hate — our hate.

We cannot point the finger at someone else for it is the responsibility of all of us — a nation — to come together and defy the fear and hate being constantly thrust at us.

It is also our shame.

We let this happen.

But we CAN change it.

It will take all of us.



Just Floating



Today is one of those days I just need to center. To focus on little things and let the big things drift away.

I close my eyes and float away into endless calm seas that rock me gently.

No stress. No worries. No concerns.

Just drifting….




Mountain Wildlife

Day 4 of my 365 days of blogging, is all about living in an area shared with many different types of wildlife. Saunter over and check it out. While you are there, click the follow button to join me on this upcoming year of blogging.

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From Cave Walls – My 365 Day Journey Home




Day Three of 365

My blog is up on my 365 Day Challenge.

Today I wrote about the search for my roots.

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